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Senate in December, Sen. Al Franken D-Minn. That is the real thing that seems to be both unexplainable and deserves an answer that passes the smell test.

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We are still accepting submissions — but please, first read the full description of what we have in mind. Thanks to all who have already submitted. I introduced myself. Nice kid. All spoke from the heart, sometimes with a touch of humor about beloved people lost. Every one of those people we had lost was extraordinary.

But all of that was lost or forgotten.

I remember, I simply felt grief for him because you could feel his grief. It was not until well into his remarks that you could feel his shift.

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He was going beyond expressing love and loss for Paul and into the arena of winning an election. You knew that was clanking badly. Should he do something?

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People of all perspectives have come. When you see Trent Lott from Mississippi who was booed by some when he entered the building. It had a dignity and a generosity about it. He needed to be thanked and honored for coming.

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So did many others. Jim Ramstad, a moderate Republican and a friend of Wellstone. Now he can laugh, a little, as he talked of some of the thoughts.

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Pull the plug? But I did think of cutting him Kahn off. There were some laughs, of relief, from many in the massive crowd.

Jesse Ventura, to leave early. Months after the service, Kahn was unapologetic for the tone of his eulogy. Tom Harkin had the best chance of saving the evening and treating the cross-section of people at the memorial with the respect due them. Harkin, another close friend of Wellstone, was the one Big Name who spoke at the service. Instead, he gave a stemwinder. A week after the service, Coleman narrowly defeated Walter Mondale, the last-minute fill-in candidate for Wellstone. Here was a guy of stature and quality, defeated by something he had no control over.

Ramstad, who all along had supported Norm Coleman, also was forgiving, saying he understood the words came from grief. Latimer got positive feedback and then … In the weeks and months after the service, Latimer said he received nothing but positive feedback for his role at the service.

I was invited to meet with him, along with maybe a dozen other people, at the Minneapolis Club.

The Wellstone

A wonderful man. We all listen to Kerry. Kerry shakes our hands and leaves. So as the rest of us are leaving, Cowles comes up and grabs me by the arm. He can be reached at dgrow [at] minnpost [dot] com. Latimer considered tackling Mr. A sufficiently early intervention would have paid both political and humanistic dividends. While not a Wellstone supporter, I respected him as a Senator who lived and legislated according to his convictions.

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It had a dignity and a generosity about it. Campaigning was halted by all sides. He seems to be the only one who understood what grief is like. A memorial sculpture near Bde Maka Ska marks their gravesites. Wellstone's upset victory in and reelection in were also credited to a grassroots campaign which inspired college students, poor people, and minorities to get involved in politics, many for the first time. The memorial service for Wellstone and the other victims of the crash was held in Williams Arena at the University of Minnesota and was broadcast live on national TV.

It saddened me to see his headstone used as a political podium. I think the outcome of the memorial rests on a base broader than the shoulders of Mr. The demeanor of President Clinton was more of a man attending a political rally than that of a grieving man attending the memorial for a friend and colleague.

Even broader, how many people in the large arena booed Senator Trent Lott? It was clearly obvious on television. I think it is unprecedented.

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I also think it may have emboldened Mr. I am happy to hear that a tackle was considered. I wish we were looking back six years at a sack. This is one of the most interesting stories I have read in a long time.