Land of Love and Drowning: A Novel

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Does it also change how they relate to one another or how they relate to the Virgin Islands in general? Think about the meaning of land and property in Land of Love and Drowning. Who owns land?

Land of Love and Drowning Summary & Study Guide Description

Land of Love and Drowning book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A major debut from an award-winning writer—an epic famil. A critically acclaimed debut from an award-winning writer—an epic family saga set against the magic and the rhythms of the Virgin Islands. In the early s.

Who owns property? What does ownership mean to the different characters? Does the idea of ownership change over the course of the book? Anette and Eeona Bradshaw present two different ways of being a woman. Where Anette gives in to her desires, Eeona represses hers.

Land of Love and Drowning A Novel

Is there a reason they are so different in this way? How do you see these differences affecting the course of their lives? While in the Army, Jacob Esau McKenzie has a jarring encounter with institutionalized racism, something that is somewhat unfamiliar to him. How is the awareness of race connected with the idea of becoming American? Are there other lines of demarcation on St. Thomas besides race?

A form of prejudice that Jacob would have found more familiar? Which of these perceived divisions are imposed by outsiders and which come from the Virgin Islanders themselves?

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Think of the other islands mentioned in Land of Love and Drowning. How are they different places from St. What is the importance of St. John and Anegada in the novel? Beaches and access to them figures prominently throughout Land of Love and Drowning. Think of the scenes that are set on the beach.

What does the beach represent in these moments?

Caribbeanness: Of 100 Years

The action of the last third of the focuses on public access to beaches. Why is the privatization of the beaches so important? What is lost when beaches are no longer accessible to everyone? The funniest. Wouk, people said, gets island life exactly right. Never mind that no one north of the eighteenth parallel had heard of the book. You could find copies for sale in virtually every gift shop and bookstore from Tortola to Grenada.

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It was dated, but a fun read. Thomas from until He is now ninety-nine.

Fiction review: ‘The Land of Love and Drowning,’ by Tiphanie Yanique

He moved to the island to escape the distractions of New York City. He also made time to write something lighter.

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A large cast of eccentrics surrounds Paperman and drives the mostly slapstick narrative. His vision of paradise green hills, snowy sand, azure sea is soon crowded off the page by baroque catastrophe scheming contractor, bursting cistern, island bureaucracy. Racism, intolerance, imperialism, cronyism, and alcoholism become the leitmotifs.

Characters start getting killed. Paperman sells the hotel as quickly as he bought it and flees back to New York. For Tiphanie Yanique, who is from St.

And yet this was the book being marketed as a credible anthropological text. A hotel cook, Sheila, gets a last name and an inner life. A talented but violent handyman named Hippolyte reappears, now more the holy fool, less the dangerous lunatic. The hotel itself gets a major moral facelift. The two novels converge on the same incidents, from opposite angles. A bureaucrat threatens to deport his best chambermaid.

Yanique uses this Woukian plot thread to show the new form of racism that Virgin Islanders increasingly confronted when continentals showed up and built houses, hotels, and golf courses across St. Anette Bradshaw is walking home from the airport with her children.

Tiphanie Yanique

And when newcomers want to learn more about the Virgin Islands, their fellow settlers read that book and share that book with them. He gone and left she and the child. The band never sounded the same again. Subterranean Lives. But during the break, the chef of the Gull Reef Club charged out with her arms spread wide and hugged Anette. Film Executive.

A big car full of Americans pulls up, with a white man and a white woman in the front seat. The driver says that he owns the Gull Reef Club. Ours, it seems, has just been deported back to Antigua or Anguilla or somewhere. A woman should have known better than to allow such an insult in front of the children. Anette and her husband, Franky, are among the extras. Anette senses that something is amiss, but ignores the signs.