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The fact is, being so serious all the time can turn work into a struggle. Instead of walking around like you nose got taken off by the grindstone, learn to smile more. Crack a joke or two and lighten up the work environment a little so your co-workers can do the same. More smiles means happy workers and happy workers means increased productivity.

Or just as likely, we’ve got questions and you’ve got answers.

It's Okay to Laugh: (Crying Is Cool Too) [REVIEW] I've known Nora McInerny pal around the office, hang out by the coffee maker, and occasionally gossip. 40 quotes from It's Okay to Laugh: 'Marry a person who loves you a lot, but more it is okay not to know everything, to try and fail and to sometimes suck at life.

Increased productivity means Johnny just might get a raise! Well, sometimes! The more positive the work environment, the better the ads and marketing slogans. Better ads mean better business and happier customers.

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If you want to love your job and truly enjoy the work you do, find the little ways to bring humor into it. Make light of moments that are just too odd to be true. Take real life situations and show that there really is a bright side. You never know. That is what your customers will remember. Of course, they will remember how your product performs, but to give them a memory that makes them smile or gives them a reason to laugh is something that creates a longer lasting bond. She has most recently been published on both eHow.

Wendy specializes in health, fitness, diet and alternative therapy pieces.

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  • Book Review: It's Ok to Laugh (Crying is Cool Too).

Comedy Writer Blog Club blog Write here! To Err Is Human…. Eventually, the two decided getting married was still the right choice for them. They got married in the gallery where, depending on whose story you believe, they either met for the first time or had a sweet second reunion. Still, rather than burrowing into what-if rabbit holes a cancer diagnosis often unearths, they tried to carry on as usual. Part of what the future held was Nora getting pregnant four months after their wedding.

We should do everything we want to do and do it with our whole hearts.

Society or individual?

Then, a month before Nora was due, an MRI showed the brain tumor had returned. Aaron was getting MRIs around every four to six weeks, which points to how aggressive his cancer was. While we were watching Game of Thrones?

While I was making him fresh-pressed organic juices? Soon after that, Aaron started having regular seizures.

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He lost control over the left side of his body, eventually needing a sling to support his arm. He started sleeping for 20 hours a day. After this news, they went and got pancakes, then gathered their loved ones and delivered the news. Two weeks later, on November 25, , Aaron died at home.

Why Do We Laugh?

Just over six weeks before Aaron died, she had a miscarriage of a much-wanted second baby. After miscarrying at 11 weeks and six days, Nora wrestled with immense guilt. A few weeks later, Aaron went, too. Nora estimates she spent around a year stifling her grief over these losses, projecting the image that she was as OK as possible. Instead of being viewed as four defined stages one must pass through in order to reach the final stage of acceptance, now processing a loss is generally seen as, well, a process, grief and bereavement counselor Deborah S.

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Big platform in the cloud. With a humorous viewpoint and a shared laugh, an uncomfortable situation had become bearable. You never know. This kind of laughter might also affect the fruit season itself, causing some fruits or flowers not to appear. See a Problem?

Derman , Ph. At one point in the year after Aaron died, Nora had a revelation. The idea for the podcast was rooted in the outpouring Nora got after sharing her story.

Society or individual?

Like any enterprising person with a Twitter handle and an idea, Nora messaged people she thought could help her make the podcast a reality. But along with that enthusiasm comes a certain weight.

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Moe emailed to thank her, and a friendship began. They met in person around four months later, after Aaron had died.

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We ran to each other on the snowy sidewalk and embraced. Nora has become the person Moe calls from the car to rehash the things that happen with her son, Bronson. Their close dynamic is obvious in their podcast episode together. View on Instagram. What comes from this is an honesty that rings, clear and true as a bell, throughout each episode of Terrible, Thanks for Asking.

Not pretending to have all the answers—listening to each other as an answer, instead—is often the best gift we can give. Sign up for our Newsletter and join us on the path to wellness. Spring Challenge. No Guesswork.