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Fantasy Premier League Strategy – 5 Little Known Secrets / Tips / Hints for Football Managers

For me, the best part about fantasy football is draft night. If you don't do a live, offline draft where you and your buddies all get together, then I'm not sure why you play at all. For some people, though, it's all about winning and the bragging rights that come with it or whatever prize your league has. Winning is a close second on my list of favorite things after draft night and I have done more than my fair share of it in 13 years of playing fantasy football.

So as most fantasy leagues are preparing to kickoff, my gift to you is five underutilized tactics that could help you win your league.

I don't know about your league, but in almost all of the ones I have been involved with, no one drafts kickers. For the select few that occasionally will draft a kicker, they wait until the last round and then are usually mocked mercilessly for it. Don't worry about getting made fun of unless you take a kicker in the first few rounds, then you should be made fun of , just draft a very good kicker and laugh your way to a championship.

Nine rules you should follow when drafting your fantasy football team in 2018 - ESPN

The truth about kickers is that depending on how your league does scoring they will earn you more points than all but the top handful of tight ends, and more than most second receivers. Kickers also tend to get hurt a lot less than players at other positions for obvious reasons.


Every year a backup player at the beginning of season turns into a starter, which leads to a possibility of that player being recognized as a fantasy football MVP. Great fantasy football teams are drafted but championship winning fantasy football teams are built through the waiver wire. Every league is different and every league has its own unique set of rules. Have you won your fantasy football league in the last few years or has that idiot Jeff who drafted a kicker in the 4th round taken it down two years in a row? Not sure you want or need to join a fantasy sports site like ours? So not only can you practice your draft strategy but you can win some real money while you are at it.

If you are in a league where people do draft kickers, wait until the first one gets taken and then select the best guy left on the board. This is going to sound a lot like my argument for kickers, but it is still true. If you want to do well in your league it would be smart to listen. The best defenses in the league top three should be drafted early, but most likely they will not be taken until people are drafting their second running backs or wide receivers. Your starting lineup is fluid, and you always want to add the best player available. Win the league, you win the money. Play for the playoffs.

As long as you make it to the end of the season dance, you can win the entire thing.

You can roster them for a few weeks until they come back and are threats to be a top fantasy scorer week after week. When you have to plead to the fantasy football gods pic. Sorry, folks. Sadly, none of the aforementioned tips and techniques are a full-proof way to win; you need a little luck and a lot of touchdowns on your side.

Yes, I was one of those people. You can have a championship caliber team in Week 1, but be totally dismantled by Week The best we can do is drop to our knees, and hope someone is listening.

Fantasy football is a gamble, but it sure is one hell of a good time. About the author: John Duffley , Editor.

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However, fantasy football drafts rarely go as planned. But no matter. Financial Planning. Sign Up. September 18, , p. Are you ready for some valuation? Tip 1: Maneuvering the draft with data on your side. Jason Mutarelli. Senior vice president, Valuation Research Corporation. Tags Valuation services Business valuations. Accounting standards.

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Want To Beat Your Buddies in Fantasy Football This Year?

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