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Curiosity, with a Capital S by Tonya Trimble

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Since the movie is taking off in a new direction from the one the other three did, curiosity levels may be higher than ever regarding what new sort of threat the characters will face in a world where dinosaurs are not extinct. This expedition was in fulfilment of a design which he had formed, when, during his former travels in the East, his curiosity had been greatly excited by the ruins of Nimrud on the Tigris, and by the great mound of Kuyunjik, near Mosul, already partly excavated by Botta. Elmo's innocent curiosity and childlike speech earned him hordes of young fans, and he was eventually given his own segment, Elmo's World. Curiosity is key at Keys AM. Most importantly, we invest in the intellectually curious. Her brow furrowed in guarded curiosity as he stared at her.

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Buy As Gift. Overview Ten-year-old Tracy worships her big brother, Stan, even though his insatiable curiosity often leads him—and Tracy—into unexpected, eye-opening, and sometimes frightening adventures. When Tracy's family moves to a beautiful South Carolina island during World War II, whole new opportunities for exploration and adventure unfold. Tracy watches with admiration as her brother grows up and learns to channel his curiosity to find his life's passion and pursue his dreams.

This sweet, poignant story of youthful inquisitiveness conveys the texture of life on a South Carolina island during a unique time in United States history. It's perfect for children, parents, and adults. A comprehensive reader's and teacher's guide is available for downloading from the publisher's Web site.

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Product Details About the Author. After high school graduation, she became a Benedictine sister for 18 years. Her year career in education included positions as a reading and math consultant, teacher trainer, workshop presenter, school principal, and classroom teacher. She currently lives in Virginia. Average Review.

Write a Review. Curiosity, With a Capital S 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. It is in journal form and you can read it in one day. It is about two siblings and the trouble they get into when they move to South Carolina. Stanley is the instigator. I enjoyed this book. I don't understand the 2 or 3 stars, but everyone certainly has their own opinion. I enjoyed experiencing life behind the eyes of Stan and Tracy. These two siblings always found a way to get themselves into trouble, but they also managed to find a way out of it.


Curiosity, with a Capital S [Tonya Trimble] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Ten-year-old Tracy worships her big brother, Stan, even. Curiosity with a Capital S by Tonya Trimble. My Thoughts: I found this story about ten year old, Tracy and her older brother, Stan's, relocation to.

Even though I am an adult reader, I still found this book very enjoyable. The story itself is laid out in chapters of journal entries that span seventeen months between March and August They are accounts written by an ten year old girl, Tracy Newton and are mostly tales about adventures that include her twelve year old brother, Stan.

The summary of the book leads you to believe that this story represents a snapshot of life during wartimes.

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To me however it did not. There was not much information, short of living near a base, about the actual war or the emotional climate around it. The author did talk briefly about the ration coupons that were used but little else to tie the story to the time period. I had a grandfather who served in WWII and hearing the stories from my grandmother, who raised the family while he was gone, this book lacks the realism of the era and typical "way of life" as I have been taught from The story really did not seem to work in the setting.

While I tried to remember that the events described in the journal were suppose to be from a ten year old perspective, I couldn't help but roll my eyes at the unrealistic nature of the stories and the passiveness of the parents. Because of his curiousity and also due to an extreme lack of adult supervision, Stan gets into all kinds of trouble yet more than once in the story he is 'awarded' for his terrible behavior.

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I questioned if this was the message we want to send to the readers of this book. Stan and Tracy are put in situations that are either unlikely Stan out-swims a shark?

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True to journal entry form writing, there was little that tied any of the stories together nor showed the reader of any consequences given for the troublesome behavior. For that reason, I do not recommend this book. The "S" stands for Tracy's older brother Stanley. The title reminds me of a song from the musical Music Man where the lyrics speak of trouble with a capitol "T" because Stanley was frequently in trouble for his adventuresome and inquisitive antics.

These children experienced real-life adventures as they explored Lady's Island. They interacted with adults who not only shared their love for their professions but a selfless concern for the welfare of others.