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It was the perfect vacation to reconnect with all my sisters and their families. Your family was all very personable which made this experience all the more special.

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The cabins were excellent and very personable. Thank you Marble Mountain Ranch for bringing our family even closer together!!! Hi Evelyn, thank you for your thoughts and the wonderful review. You and your sisters were as much fun for us as we were for you. You were a great group to spend the week with. Heidi is the driving force in the culinary offerings here at the ranch, but our daughter in law, Chelsea, and my daughter Cierra, and my son, Peter, all play a significant role as well.

Actually, I don't think any of us entirely escape times of indentured servitude as galley slaves! But, that is the nature of our business: Owners and family and staff all on the front line together. Well, please come back soon, and I will show you my newest additions to our trail loops. I hope to have the Irving Creek trail and the Bull Pine mine trail extended and in service by Summer's end.

One guest this last week said the Irving Creek trail was like riding in the land of Narnia! Best to you all, Doug, and Heidi and Peter. We took our family of 10 ourselves, children, and grandrenchildren, ages to Marble Mountain Guest Ranch a week ago for a family vacation together. Everyone raved about the fun experience and wants very much to return again.

6 best places to be a cowboy (for a while)

Our children and grandchildren loved all the adventures from horseback trail riding, white water rafting shooting, archery, kayaking, zip line and just being together. The Cole family and staff took care of everything, so all we had to do was have fun.

They maintained a great balance between safety and the enjoyment of all the adventures. Special care was made for each of us per our needs. Heide's delicious meals were great.

6 best places to be a cowboy (for a while)

We highly recommend her cookbook. My wife is now using her receipe book for excellent tasty dinners since coming home. The Cole family is very friendly and a perfect examle of great family life togeher. We most highly recommend the Marble Mlountain Guest Ranch as an excellent choice for a family adventure vacation.

1. Seven Lazy P Guest Ranch

From gentle trails in Big Sky country to a real-deal dude ranch in Arizona, these 10 American resorts cater to your inner cowboy (or cowgirl). To many, the spur-booted buckaroo in the ten-gallon hat may represent a time gone by. But the American cowboy is still alive and well -- and it's.

Camille and Rol Chapman - The Grandparents. Hi Camille and Rol, Thank you for the great review. What good times we had sharing the Western outdoors together with you and your family. I particularly enjoyed our private conversations, comparisons on family management, philosophy, and all the sharing about our life moments. I consider you a new personal friend, and respect you for all your exemplary choices in life. We certainly hope you can join us again, and extend the bonding in continued adventure!

Our best to you and your family. Doug, Heidi, Pete and the gang. We are finally back in Australia after an amazing US trip. The highlight was absolutely Marble Mountain Ranch - for our kids and us adults. All I can do is add a our very loud "hear hear" to the reviews below by Bill, Susanna and Elizabeth! What a trip! Every single person we met was wonderful, kind, warm , helpful and friendly, every bite of food was beyond delicious! Team Petey was the best rafting experience for us Who knew I could shoot a semi-automatic pistol, rifle and a shotgun?

Not this Aussie city girl! Thanks Adam and Jason! The horses were fantastic and Chelsea and Danik and Danielle got us all alot further than we'd have thought possible! Those trails are incomparable. Karaoke - well what can I say? Hilarious fun! We found the other guests great fun and made some lifelong friends from the other side of the world - how great is that?

A big thanks and all our love. Heidi and Doug, you have an amazing family and we were touched by your values and family attitudes. Lily and Ned already have us saving for a return trip! Total "more than once in a lifetime"holiday! Emma xx PS I have come home for a rest! Hi Emma, what wonderful comments, and thank you for your thoughts on our family.

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I often reflect on the difficulty of working with a spouse, or a child or sibling. Yet, somehow, we make it work with about 12 primary family members and spouses in the labor pool and in close proximity. I think the secret is to maintain peace in the ranks, and all else can be worked out! It also helps that we are passionate about our life in the wilderness, and passionate about sharing it.

Thanks again for your comments, and we look forward to your return. Thank you for the wonderful week on the ranch! Heather, Stephanie and I enjoyed every moment of our time learning how to ride, rafting on the river, taking on the challenge of the waterfall hike, and trying out some shooting and archery.

The food was delicious and the surroundings beautiful. Your family and staff are first rate. You have managed to create just the right balance of safety without losing the spirit of adventure.

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Thank you, too, for the special birthday celebration during the week - for awhile I thought your new grand baby and I might share the same date! We drove away on Saturday afternoon with thoughts of how and when we might be able to return. Hi Janette, thank you for your kind comments. I appreciate your comment about balancing safety and the preservation of the adventure.

We certainly cannot eliminate all the risk of rafting, trail riding, arena games, kayaking, or even just being outdoors. So I am glad to here you recognize our efforts at "managed risk" while preserving the essential nature of the sports and activities.

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Expect fan favorites, including riding, roping and bull and bronc exhibitions. That includes repairing trucks, equipment and fences; constructing gear in the leather shop; and branding and moving cattle. But the American cowboy is still alive and well -- and it's not too late to join his or her rangeland ranks. I sheepishly called the ranch to change my reservation to a single. Another fun perk for us on this point of "family" is the constantly growing list for Christmas card mailings and the ever increasing connect in social media.

The waterfall hike is a perfect example. The arduous nature of the hike prevents many from participating, but we encourage all who are capable. I hope you and your family can join us again. What a great group you all are! The best to you from all of us at Marble Mountain Ranch.

Marble Mountain Ranch From the moment we arrived we felt welcome and "right at home". Our cabins were comfortable and very clean, the food was exceptionally prepared and delicious, and the planned activities were exciting and suited to all age groups. The spacious grounds were natural and attractive, with room for the children to play and explore. We enjoyed the horseback riding, the shooting range, the white water rafting, the fishing Doug and Heidi Cole, and their family and staff made our family vacation a wonderful and unforgettable experience. None of us wanted to leave Thank you, Bill, for the kind comments and the thoughtful review.

You bring up an important point for us: family! Our lifestyle choice has been choreographed to allow working with family from all of our living generations.

Triangle X Ranch - Jackson Hole, Wyoming

So - the upside to this can be the close bonding of our families in shared adventures - but then you also have to endure the Cole family candor, dry humor, and sometimes glaring quirks injected into your family dynamic! As you saw, it usually works out amazingly well. Another fun perk for us on this point of "family" is the constantly growing list for Christmas card mailings and the ever increasing connect in social media.

So, I will hold you to your word - and we look forward to another visit from your family in the future. Best Regards, Doug and Heidi, Peter and the gang. Horseback riding, hiking, fishing, swimming, cycling, zip lining, white water rafting, rodeos, campfire sing-a-longs, western dancing, fine dining and more await your discovery on your next dude ranch vacation.

Learn more about choosing a ranch. Horses, hats, hospitality, heritage, honesty and heart - these are the foundations of every ranch. A dude ranch vacation is all about YOU the guest.